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Flexible Phone Holder With a Wireless Charger

Flexible Phone Holder With a Wireless Charger

Flexible Phone Holder With a Wireless Charger

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No need to worry again about your phone battery while you are watching a movies.  

  • Roxmer phone holder is designed to: watch Netflix hands free while laying in bed or sofa, use face time with families on the desk, read recipes in the kitchen. And it also works as a tripod if you want to take time-lapse videos or take a photo with a friend.

  • With the wireless charging you can just place your phone and it will automatically will start charging.

  • Easy to Install: Featuring an adjustable clamp base varying from 4.7 to 6.43 inches (6cm), the cell phone clip holder can be securely mounted on the bed frame, bedside, headboard, nightstand, desk, end table and kitchen counter etc. Designed with a non-slip silicone base, the holder will not scratch the surface of your furniture.

  • Stable and Durable: As for the 33.4 inches (85cm) long arm, high- quality Aluminum-magnesium alloy solid core makes the lazy arm sturdy enough to hold his phone firmly, yet flexible to bend in any direction to accommodate your view. It will be a lifesaver for protecting you from neck pain.

  • Universal Compatibility The 360 degree phone clip is compatible with 4-6.5'' devices, namely Nintendo Switch and almost all cell phones.



  • Compatible devices: 4-6.43'' Mobile Phone & Tablet
  • Colors: Green
  • Item Material: Leather,Aluminum,ABS,Silicon
  • Length: 700mm
  • Foundation Thickness: 70mm
  • Weight: 0.465KG
  • Output power: 10W(max)




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